Preparation for redundancies is a covert process. Like any covert process, however, it has triggers and side effects that are visible. If you can notice them, you can avoid an unpleasant surprise.
There is a fundamental mismatch between how real business problems look and how we are taught to solve them. It leads to wrong expectations and…
A look at how we reduce scope, what we lose along the way, and what we could gain if we didn't. With a short story from the startup trenches.
How comfortable would you be not talking to the candidate during technical interview? What if it would lead to a positive outcome?
What can a Mark Twain quote and a simple fact about how inventions happen teach us about day-to-day problem solving?
What really is important to get past code review? A lot has been said about good tooling, and good practices. This is a slightly meta-look at why I…
This publication serves two purposes. First, personal, and brutal truth is that I have a blog with an obscure name that no one can remember. The age of…

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